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About Us
Oil and Gas transactions can be EXTREMELY opaque. Usually a
controlling partner has access to detailed information not available to
non-controlling partners outside of an audit such as
Operators/Non-Operators, Gas Plant Owners/Producers, Pipeline
Owners/Product Sellers, Farmees/Farmors. Non-controlling partners are
often in the dark about the accuracy and veracity of the payments and
invoices they receive.

At Hoover Compliance Consulting we obtain, analyze and report the
detailed information non-controlling partners need to verify and
understand payments and invoices they receive. In addition to vouching
invoices and payments, we provide analysis that reveals the story within
all the data.

As the Owner and Manager I ensure all engagements are well scoped
and planned to provide the best value for our clients. I personally
supervise all our subcontractors to ensure quality results.

I've gained extensive experience in Oil & Gas Operations Accounting as
the Manager of  Revenue, JIB and Internal Audit Departments for Cross
Timbers Oil/XTO Energy and Magnum Hunter Resources as well as
performing client audit services through Hoover Compliance Consulting.

As an alumni of the
U.S. Naval Nuclear Power School with 13 years
experience in nuclear power plant operations I have significant
knowledge of fluid systems and the associated equipment which is a
great help in auditing pipelines, gas plants, drilling wells, production and
product measurement.

Most contracts only allow a 2 year period to
recoup errors so time is most definitely
money. Call Today! Let's discuss your
contract concerns.

Chris Hoover,
Owner and Manager
Hoover Compliance Consulting
Chris Hoover - Owner and Manager